The Island

My whole life it seems
I’ve been circling,
Sailing round and round the island bright,
Beholding its beauty,
Enjoying its light.
I imagine my feet upon her shores,
Of golden days forevermore.

But overhead gray clouds gather
As lonely winds all come together,
The black waves begin their beat
A dark song with no melody.

Still I steer into the storm,
I let her beauty lead me on,
I steel my nerves to overcome,
and fix my eyes upon the dawn.

But no rest here do I find,
with weary hands and anxious mind,
On my own I could not endure,
but my Anchor holds and His hold is sure.

And though the breakers do not cease,
And friends abandon and foes increase,
One day I’ll find I’ve run aground,
My body spent–
but my island found.

And when I see Him on that shore,
joy will rise forevermore.
I’ll hear him say, “I held your line,
the way was clear –
the waves were Mine.”

Image: This photo of Chrysler Museum of Art is courtesy of TripAdvisor

1 comment on “The Island

  1. Jill Hecox

    Very well written.
    A good reminder that this earth is not our home and the best is yet to come.


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