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Amy Rainbow

Artistic Roller Skating + Spin Board Coach 🇬🇧 Former UK Champion x3

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    Artistic Skating has been the centre of my universe for as long as I remember & I find it sad that I am one of the lucky few that circumstances meant that I found it at a young age and that I was close enough to a club to pursue it.

    From what I have seen, those of you that have found skating later on and WANT to learn how to skate like an Artistic Skater…Can’t 😒

    Artistic skating seems so inaccessible to so many around the world, as the professional world of skating is very insular.

    There is no user manual (or at least one that the untrained can decipher) or enough YouTube videos to REALLY learn how to skate with correct techniques, especially when it comes to advanced tricks.

    ✨ That’s why I am offering 1:1 online lessons! 🌎

    No one should be deprived of learning how to skate with precision or twirl around like a fairy 🧚‍♀️

    If you have any questions message me on Instagram or sign up for a free 15 minute intro call!

  • About Me

    I have been a skater all my life, once competing at International level for Team GB 🇬🇧 Holding 3 Championship titles, and twirling around in sparkly dresses.

    All that was awesome, but with it came so much pressure and for a young sports person who just loved to skate, I fell out of love with the idea of competing and turned to more fulfilling ways to be involved in the skate-community.

    From then, I decided I wanted to coach. Not competitive figure skating, but you! The skaters who skate because they want to! The skaters who picked up a pair of skates in their 30s and decided to embark on a new journey & hobby. Just for fun! (Who knew you could just skate for fun?🤯)

    It’s amazing to me now that Roller Skating is making a huge comeback! Skating is finally getting the recognition it deserves and I am SO happy that you are (or wanting to be) part of the movement!

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  • Testimonials


    Anneli J.

    I had my first lesson with Amy today and it was awesome! I’m a beginner and have only skated by myself watching some videos. Amy explains and shows the moves in a simple and understandable way so it was easy for me to improve my movement. She noticed what I was doing wrong and how to fix it, I felt she was there for me. After our session she also sent me a file with what we had learnt today and what I need to practice on. Adding her kind and friendly presence I enjoyed the class so much! I can’t wait for my next lesson !!

    Jeanette (56)

    Amy is an inspirational teacher who has been roller skating for most of her life! I needed a new challenge. I chose roller skating as I did it as a kid. I discovered Amy, teaching at Rollerworld. She gave me the skills, determination, and positivity to find confidence on my skates. Amy has such a bright, infectious personality and has passed on to me her joy and freedom of roller skating. I am work in progress and feel very lucky to have found Amy to teach me.

    Mum of Lucy (age 5)

    From afar my Daughter had watched Amy Rainbow teaching the older, more advanced pupils. She was mesmerised by her. I learned that Amy gave private, one to one lessons and immediately asked my Daughter if this was something she would like to do. She was nervous but agreed straight away. We booked some lessons with Amy, and she caught the skating bug instantly. The progression and confidence was shocking. Amy was so patient, kind and motivational, it was astounding. My Daughter had gone from not wanting to let go of my hand on the carpet, to skating in and out of cones, picking things up off the floor, crouching down whilst skating, turning round, stopping and racing Amy down the length of the rink. Now my Daughter lives in her skates at home! Amy has so much passion for skating which transpires to her pupils. She is not just a teacher, she is a wonderful role model for young people, a mentor, a friend, and someone for them to open up to about anything. She is in tune with all age ranges making her so approachable for them – something so important in these times for young people. Amy makes her tuition fun when it is needed, always bantering with my Daughter and her jokes on Amy like giving Amy a handicap for their races – for example making Amy go backwards on one leg! Amy's love for skating and sharing it with others enables pupils to reach freedom and incite creativity. They can escape and at the same time be amongst like minded people, sharing the same passion. It’s fair to say that Amy will always be special to us, she instilled so much confidence in my Daughter whilst out of her comfort zone allowing her to do something none of us thought was going to be possible looking at those first four weeks. Four months on, there is no stopping her. Thank you Amy!


    I must admit I was a little bit hesitant about booking my first session with Amy as I have not skated since school (which was a long time ago). I need not have worried as Amy put me totally at ease. I have learnt so much since starting with Amy and her patience and kindness is second to none. She is wise beyond her years and always explains things simply and clearly, and is always pushing and encouraging her students to improve and, above everything else, to just enjoy skating. I can’t recommend her highly enough and if you are thinking about booking lessons with Amy I would say do it, don’t hesitate, you will not regret it. I am now totally hooked and wish I did this years ago. Thanks so much Amy!


    Amy is a star! No matter what your size, skill ability or goals are she can help you get to where you need to be. Just a few weeks ago I was stiff and terrified now I can skate forwards, backwards, stop efficiently, steer my skates properly and let’s not forget the elusive bubbles/lemons. Most people I know are now like oh well now you know eveything! But something Amy has shown me is that there is always something you can do to improve or add to your skating. So this is definitely not the end of my skating journey with Amy, it is just the beginning!

    Maximos G.

    My experience with Amy as my coach was amazing. From literally 0 in only 4 lessons I've managed to skate comfortably and even learn how to go backward 🤯. She was very kind and patient with me as I was a bit scared at the beginning due to bad knees but she created a safe and enjoyable environment so I can learn how to skate. Thank you Amy 🙏

    Jeremy W.

    I look forward to this lesson so much. In addition to her wealth of technical knowledge and knack for teaching, Amy's such a delightful, charismatic, and fun person to chat with about anything.

    Bella H.

    Amy is a great teacher. I started lessons a few weeks ago & can already see how much I have improved. She is patient & explains everything so clearly & knows how to change her teaching if im making a lot of mistakes and it’s the same move, always has a laugh when I fall. Really glad I chose Amy to be my tutor

    Jeremy W.

    I'm about 3 months in at this point, 1-hr online lesson a week, and I cannot impress on you (the potential student) enough what a phenomenal teacher Amy is. It's no secret that I don't practice enough, but Amy is very patient and observant and can see exactly where you're struggling during the video lesson. She then has so many ways to articulate to you how to overcome the difficulties, and she gives points on how to strengthen the muscles and the mindset to build you into the skater you want to be. Get off the fence and sign up for at least 1 lesson - you ABSOLUTELY will not regret it.

    Jeremy W.

    Amy is a true professional and coach. She is so passionate about the sport/art/craft of skating and has learned so many ways to explain techniques.

    Jeremy W.

    People have noted, "You can learn this stuff from free online tutorials." Maybe, but it's much more wonderful to interact with a phenomenal teacher. Thanks, Amy. 😊

    Jeremy W.

    Such a lovely human being, Amy. Confident, professional, technical, caring, observant, passionate, vibrant, funny, humble.... I can't spend enough time right now to say all the positive things about her.😊

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