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Amy Rainbow

X3 🇬🇧 Former UK Champion | Artistic Roller Skating Instructor & Edea Spinner Expert

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    Artistic Skating has been the centre of my universe for as long as I can remember. It saddens me that only a fortunate few, like myself, stumbled upon it at a young age and had access to a nearby club to pursue it.

    From what I've seen, many of you who have discovered skating later in life and aspire to skate like an Artistic Skater face a frustrating hurdle. Artistic skating often feels inaccessible to so many worldwide, as the professional skating world can be quite closed-off.

    There isn't a user manual readily available (or at least one that the untrained can easily comprehend), and there aren't enough YouTube videos that truly teach the correct techniques, especially for advanced tricks.

    ✨ That's precisely why I'm offering personalized online lessons, tailored just for you! 🌎

    No one should be deprived of the opportunity to learn skating with precision or twirl around like a fairy. 🧚‍♀️

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Instagram or sign up for a complimentary 30 minute introductory call.

    Let's embark on this skating journey together and unlock your artistic potential!

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