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Ciara Longman

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Marketing with the Stars



Knowing your Trilogy Planets can help you find your perfect clients.

Own your Trilogy Planets and shine.

How do you come across to others?

Do you give out mixed messages?

Why is it that some people are hard work?

Does one planet overshadow another?

Find out who your perfect clients may be and who may turn up as challenging clients.

Find out what colours you can use in your promotional material that will attract your tribe.

What You’ll Learn

  • Review your Astrological Natal Chart

  • Understand Your Trilogy Planets

  • How to attract your tribe based on your Trilogy Planets

  • Understand Aspects and how they manifest in your life

  • Own your Sun Sign

  • How your Moon Sign brings in Clients

  • How you come across to others based on your Ascendant