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The Personal Law Process



Our Critical Period is the time between conception and two years old. For the majority of people, it is during this period that our Personal Law is formed.

When you uncover what your Personal Law is, you can track your life's incidents and turn it around.

This workshop handout is intended to be read whilst participating in a group or one on one with a trained facilitator, so that you can process anything that comes up for you. All of the Rebirthers listed in the linked Directory can facilitate Personal Law sessions.

If you aren’t doing this with a facilitator, then find an accountability partner so that you can go through the process together. It really helps to have someone with you so that you support each other in finding out what your personal law is and deliberating over how your personal law is operating in your life. You can of course do it on your own, but it is recommended to do it with someone else as it is so more powerful done this way.

  • Make the unconscious conscious

  • Understand the 3 levels of mind

  • Do exercises to find out your Personal Law

  • Turn it around to your Eternal Law

  • Ways to keep reinforcing your Eternal Law