Not reaching your people on social media?

Since we love to save TIME⏱️ & MONEY🤑...

Everything you ever need to know can be learned in ONE HOUR tbh, so why spend thousands on a process that can be 100% self-guided!! Here's what you get...

Course Overview

    • Intro - Who Am I: Lessons Learned as a Viral Creator📈
    • Course Notes 📝
    • Your WHY - Getting Clear on Your Personal Purpose & Your Tone✨
    • Who Are You Even Talking To?📲
    • What Do You Talk About?😅
    • Where Do You Send People?📍
    • When Do I Post? [My MOST Asked Question!!!!] ⏰
    • How to Develop Your Own Format Based on What You Just Learned ✏️
    • Additional FAQ's: Going Live, Building Community, Shadow Banning 💬
    • Final Words of Encouragement (Mini Pep Talk) 🤍
    • Writing Exercise 1 - Problem solving 101
    • Writing Exercise 2 - Problem & Value Mapping
    • Writing Exercise 3 - Creating "Enough" Hype
    • Writing Exercise 4 - Leverage "strategic" story telling
    • Writing Exercise 5- Unique Call's to Action
    • My SEO Calendar I Use to Plan My Content (Download Now)
    • Choose the Right Link in Bio Tool - so you can create a digital product
    • Do Your SEO Research - So You Reach the RIGHT people (who WANT to buy your products)
    • 🤖 My ChatGPT Mini-Masterclass (Exclusive for Content Creators)

Course Description

In this course, you will learn the basics to creating engaging videos which you can then make money from... and I do this IN BASIC TERMS since no one else seems to be doing this out here!

You know I love making complex things MAKE SENSE. I really struggled to show up as my best self online and I really wish I had something like this when I first got on social media.

My goal with this course was to make my own success with social media more accessible and to teach you how to create your own successful videos based on your metrics, your personal style and your goals.

This course will help teach you how you make your content work FOR you - and not create more work in the process

PLUS!!! I add NEW modules to this course every month. You have lifetime access after purchasing this course, so you will also get to have all of my new modules as well 🤩

Who is this for?

  • Content creators who are frustrated with their content's current performance / feeling down about their engagement

  • Anyone who is debating starting a new social media account

  • Business owners who need help with selling a product or properly marketing their brand in a way that stands out

  • Anyone who isn't sure how to connect with their "ideal" audience or having trouble finding their people on social media

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How to Create Videos (That Reach YOUR people)