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Alterations Tailoring - The Pocket Guide
1.2 - Additional Notes | About Me

The Additional Notes sections in the other chapters will contain important, pertinent information to supplement the video lesson.

For those interested in learning more about me, this section details my background, experience, and history with alterations tailoring.


My name's Kin Moy; I'm a former professional MMA fighter turned style coach. That much, I'm sure you already knew.

I've always been pretty short (5'5), which makes it hard to find clothes that fit. And to make matters worse, I had a thick neck, broad shoulders, and a tiny waist when I was an active athlete.

Since MMA retirement, I've obviously remained short but have also become quite stout -- which presents its own array of fit challenges.

To avoid looking like a kid playing dress up in dads clothes, alterations are not -- and have never been -- optional for yours truly. As you can see from my unfortunate first forays into dressing like an adult:


Naturally, this experience left me wanting to dress better. The prevailing sentiment from friends, family, and style youtubers alike was to start with getting my clothes tailored.

So I did.

With incredibly disappointing results.

Even after my clothes were altered to fit my body, THEY DIDN'T FIT MY BODY!


Or at least, not that well.

Between the wasted effort and wasted money, the whole ordeal felt like a kick in the face.


Alas the fighter in me is fittingly stubborn. Rather than accepting that clothes would never look right on me, my setbacks made me even more determined to figure this thing out.

After trying a number of different tailors, I eventually found one who I jived with pretty well. He was highly communicative, patient, and customer-service oriented so he was happy to talk me through alterations and troubleshoot the fit of my clothes.

With some trial and error, I got the hang of having my clothes tailored. I grew to understand the terminology, the lingo, and the specific alterations as they related to how my clothes fit.

And it made all the difference, whether I was dressed casually or to the nines!


Naturally, the people around me took notice as I began to look better and better. My friends would ask for advice about what to wear to a wedding, a job interview, or a date.

I was eager to be of service since my own journey with clothes, fit, and style was so fraught with frustration. I felt almost duty-bound to help others shortcut the process.

As the requests grew more plentiful, I figured I'd start charging a few bucks for my work and start a personal styling side-hustle.

That soon became a full-fledged business.


Helping clients achieve an optimal fit is a cornerstone Dapper Dangerous' practice, which stands out from the majority of personal styling services that assist only with minor alterations if at all.

After 7 years of countless client alterations -- whether through my preferred tailor, one in their home town, or guiding the process remotely for clients in other states -- a tried and true process has emerged.

And now, I'm going to share that process with you.


This handy-dandy pocket guide will prepare you to successfully navigate alterations tailoring from start to finish.

More importantly, it'll save you years of trial and error, wasted cash, and fast-track you to a closet full of clothes that fit your body and compliment your style!