Ask me how I found success in my core - faith. family. future.

Are you eager to enhance your leadership skills across various aspects of your life, including but not limited to family, marriage, faith, business, AI technology, nonprofit leadership, or community? Look no further—I'm here to provide the guidance and insights you're seeking. With over 15 years of experience as a dedicated husband, father, and professional leader, I bring a wealth of knowledge derived from both triumphs and setbacks. Elevate your leadership journey and unlock your full potential by scheduling a personalized Q&A session with me today. Let's work together to cultivate your leadership abilities and empower you to thrive in every sphere of your life.

How It Works

  • 1. Record a video

    Record your video singing your favourite piece and showcasing your vocal skills.

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What You Will Get

Real, transparent, and impactful feedback.

Receive a personalized video with my detailed feedback. I'll record it right after watching your video and it will be filled with personalized feedback and my reactions you can come back to any time.

Relevant tools for success

I've been in servant leadership roles for 15+ years and have proven track record of advising and coaching students, colleagues, and emergent leaders. I'll use all of this experience to send you my direct and honest feedback.

I'm DeMarquis, an innovation catalyst, techpreneur, and creator behind this digital offer and service.

In my 15+ years of servant leadership, I most enjoy helping to inspire others with a passion for purpose and providing innovative solutions to everyday challenges. Ask your question now and receive relevant and impactful feedback today!

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