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🪐 Purpose

Welcome fellow Cyberscout! This Ask Me Anything (AMA) opportunity I offer is here to allow the community of cyberwarriors out there to reach out and share their concerns.

I help Cyberscouts like you develop sense-making skills from the deep stories that unleash meaningful progress.

No question is silly and ALL questions are welcomed ✨

Why you ask? Perhaps you will find some answers to this very pertinent question in The Journeys of a Cyberscout, but essentially, I am an explorer of adversarial patterns of conflict in the cybersphere.

I want to create disruptive concept chains that help decode and re-codify the trends that shape our collective behaviour as cyberspecies.

Bold? yeah, but I don't live on this planet to perish without trying. The question is, are you willing to explore these mysteries with me?

💡 What to Expect

  • A reply to your query in text form (sometimes it will be a video!)

  • An exclusive opportunity to connect with my neuronal network and the dynamic structures that I create to make sense of cybersecurity as adversarial patterns of conflict.

  • I will endeavour to respond to your pressing matters within the next 7 to 14 days (this is a free slice of my time after all, that I gift to you happily, but it comes with expected lower priority).

  • My answers might be potentially philosophical, in the best style of my Newsletter the Tales of a CyberScout.

  • The thrill of diving deep into the intricate world of cyber threat intelligence, threat hunting, detection engineering, incident response, cyber deception, and everything in between.


Please be aware that, by using this service, you also permit me to share the query in a COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS way in some of my Newsletters. I hope you understand this fair exchange of cyber energy ;)

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☝🏽FREE: Ask me Anything! (I reply in 7 to 14 days)

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