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I started meditating around 2010 and wrote these after years of visualising the images whenever I went into a meditation. I hired an illustrator and then a voiceover artist Marisa Amon to bring them to life in 2016.

These meditations are designed to help you tap into your innermost being and connect with love and light. With 11 powerful meditations, you'll be guided to feel lighter, more energized, and more connected than ever before.

Every meditation has an image to help you get the most of out each one, imagine you are the 'being' that is represented as the main character.

The meditations are no longer than 5 minutes each and include the following titles:

  1. Light cleansing meditation

  2. You are Awareness meditation

  3. Held in Hands meditation

  4. Higher Self meditation

  5. Let Go and Surrender meditation

  6. Gratitude for Life meditation

  7. Healing Chambers meditation

  8. Advisory Council meditation

  9. Soul Group meditation

  10. Relating meditation

  11. Hand it over meditation

You can listen to one a week or you can mix them up, according to what you feel you need.

So if you're ready to tap into your innermost being, and experience feeling more connected to love and light listen to the meditations today.

DISCLAIMER: Meditations may lead to feelings of drowsiness and relaxation and should not be used while driving or participating in any other activity that requires you to be alert.

Course Overview

    • Before you start
    • Connecting to your higher self
    • Connecting to intuition
    • Download Meditations
    • Awareness Meditation
    • Higher Self Meditation
    • Let Go and Release Meditation
    • Held in Hands Meditation
    • Advisory Council
    • Relating Meditation
    • Soul Group Meditation
    • Healing Meditations
    • Gratitude Meditation
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