1:1 Breakthrough Coaching Session

Ready to change and grow?

Why have a breakthrough session?

  • You are feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward

  • You are unsure what is getting in your way and how to overcome barriers

  • You have unhelpful repetitive patterns and cycles in your life

  • You desire change now and want to develop a plan that is going to work for you

  • You have ongoing challenges with people in your life and desire for things to be different

How do you work?

Together we will…

Identify your unconscious drivers: Understanding what motivates you on a deeper level can help you make decisions that align with your values and desires. This can involve exploring past experiences and emotions, identifying patterns in your behavior, and understanding the unconscious motivations that drive your decisions and actions.

Discover harmful limiting beliefs: Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts and ideas about yourself and the world that hold you back. By recognizing and challenging these beliefs, you can break free from self-imposed limitations and create new, empowering beliefs that support your growth and happiness.

Explore internal and external barriers: Barriers can be internal, such as limiting beliefs and fears, or external, such as external circumstances or people in your life. By identifying and understanding these barriers, you can create a plan to overcome them and move forward towards your goals.

Recommend growth strategies: Based on your unique strengths, weaknesses, and goals, I help you identify and implement specific strategies for growth. This may include practices such as journaling, meditation, other exercises.

Create a solution-focused plan: A solution-focused plan focuses on the desired outcome and takes a proactive approach to overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals. Together we will create a personalized, achievable plan that works for you.

What are the benefits of each?

  1. Identifying your unconscious drivers:

    • Increased self-awareness

    • Know what makes you take action

    • Alignment of values and desires

  2. Discovering harmful limiting beliefs:

    • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence

    • Breaking free from self-imposed limitations

    • Empowering beliefs that support growth and happiness

  3. Exploring internal and external barriers:

    • Increased motivation

    • Greater sense of control over life

    • A plan to overcome obstacles and move forward

  4. Implementing growth strategies:

    • Knowing what to do

    • New skills and increased self-confidence

    • Personal and professional development

  5. Creating a solution-focused plan:

    • Increased motivation and accountability

    • Focused effort and momentum towards goals

    • Overcoming obstacles proactively

    • Achieving desired outcome.

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1:1 Breakthrough Coaching Session

1:1 Session — 30 minutes