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Dionne Jude

Founder of, mentor, breakthrough coach, author.

Coaches content creation call

1:1 Session — 30 minutes


You will be left behind, if you sleep on this!

Give me 30 minutes and I will show you how to create content for your website, blog, books, courses, social media etc.

I will share several artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can help you determine topics, provide content and sales material, in less time and for less money than before.

Here are some of the things we will cover:

Identify the focus and goals of the content you want to create. This will help you narrow down the topics you want to cover and ensure that they align with your overall purpose.

Research the topic area to get a sense of what is currently being discussed and what gaps exist in the existing knowledge. You can use online tools to search for articles and research papers related to your topic.

Use natural language processing (NLP) techniques to analyze the content of the articles and research papers you've found. NLP allows you to extract key phrases and terms from text and can help you identify common themes and trends in the literature.

Use machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and trends in the data you've gathered. This can help you identify the most important topics and subtopics within your course.

Use keyword research tools to identify the most popular and relevant search terms related to your topic area. This can help you determine which topics are likely to be of most interest to your audience.

Use AI-powered content recommendation engines to suggest additional topics based on the content you've already identified. These tools can help you uncover new ideas and perspectives that you may not have considered otherwise.

Use AI to help you generate content outlines and structure your material. These tools can help you organize your ideas and create a logical flow for your content and can help you create the perfect images to make it visually appealing.