20-Minute Consultation with Dr. Jacqueline Ashley

Is coaching with Dr. Jacqueline Ashley for you? This free consultation can help you decide. Dr. Ashley will listen and ask you questions about your reasons for wanting to be coached, what you want to get out of it, and if she can help. You will also have an opportunity to ask her questions. Once it's mutually decided for the both of you to work together, you can decide to book a coaching package that will work for you.

PLEASE NOTE: To get the most out of the 20-minute consultation, prior to the call, please make sure to do the following: Go to the WorkLifeHealth.design website and read up on Dr. Ashley by clicking on "Dr. Ashley" from the menu bar. Thank you!

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20-Minute Consultation with Dr. Jacqueline Ashley

1:1 Session — 20 minutes