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Dr. Jacqueline Ashley

Your life and leadership are multidimensional. Level up all the aspects of who you are.

3 Months - Custom Coaching with Dr. Jacqueline Ashley
12 Sessions x 1 hour

Looking for a short-term investment and willing to create a solid foundation to achieving your goals?

This offer might be for you if you have any combination of the following:

  • High coaching readiness (you already understand the value and benefits of coaching)

  • Are motivated to optimize your development

  • Have clear goals of what you want to work on

  • Are ready to dig in on how to make positive shifts to your work and life

Three months of coaching can provide a solid basis for addressing a variety of complex and interrelated issues affecting work and leadership by providing greater accountability, and a good jumpstart to much higher-level goals. The coaching is tailored to your agenda for each session and the three-month trajectory, and each session may be targeted or exploratory depending on what you want to achieve.

The fee includes email/messaging communication to provide resources, exchange information, and
brief between-session phone discussions, as needed, at no additional cost during the term of the coaching.

My specialties include:

  • Inclusive Leadership & Leadership Development

  • The 12 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence (EI)

  • Gallup CliftonStrengths Coaching

  • Financial Wellness Coaching

  • Change Management Coaching

  • Leadership & Personal Sustainability (Anchored on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness)

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