Career advice: Applying to and working in the UN

Having worked as a management consultant and technical advisor within the UN system for over 15 years. I've been blessed to work on both development projects in the field and as a management consultant helping to improve the UN organization.

I've been a candidate for jobs, a hiring manager, and the guy brought into to review recruitment and procurement business processes - so i have some pretty unique perspectives.

You can check out my time in the UN here:

If you are keen to join the UN and struggling to get in, and want a perspective on how to join, and what its like to work there, i've discounted my hourly rate to make this advice more accessible and pay some of the goodwill i've experienced in the past forward.

NOTE: Getting in the UN is highly competitive, i'm not a miracle worker and cannot guarantee jobs or make any network connections. Our sessions will be about learning about what you want to achieve, what its like to work for the UN, helping you understanding the UN entry points better, and going over some application and careers strategies that may want to reflect upon in your own job seeking journey.

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Career advice: Applying to and working in the UN

1:1 Session — 45 minutes