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Corinne Wilhelm

Ensuring Experts Get Noticed - Even Non Native Speakers

VIP Communication Coaching Bundle (including WhatsApp Flatrate Support & Interactive Workbook)

12 Sessions x 1 hour


If you feel that you know your stuff but aren't really making the progress in your career that you expected or in fact deserve, then let's work together to improve your communication and confidence.

Most of my clients are non native speakers of English but this is MUCH MORE THAN JUST a Business English course!

I help you to speak up with more fluency and confidence. You'll learn how to communication with anyone about anything in English.

We'll embrace the communication challenges of working with people from other cultures, both in person and remotely.

Sure, as a native speaker I'll help you if you are struggling to make yourself understood or taken seriously. Perhaps you are saying something wrong or using the wrong words to make a professional impression. I can correct you but the real problem is usually your delivery.

You'll go from talking and hoping to communicating with intention so that you can show up with almost as much condience as you would in your own language.

In just 12 weeks you will have learned practical tips and techniques to make a better impression on people both at work and at home ;-)

Each coaching journey is unique, but to give you an idea, some of the popular topics that come up include:

  • Speaking up with confidence

  • How to sell an idea, approach or yourself

  • Negotiating for a win-win

  • Clarity through your words and delivery

  • Assertiveness and making yourself heard

  • Leading a conversation or meeting with presence

  • Describing processes, policies and pricing

  • Providing constructive, powerful feedback

  • Setting & sharing boundaries and parameters

  • Sharing your observations, evaluations and suggestions

  • Expressing opinions, introducing alternatives

  • Storytelling, analogies and visuals

  • Dealing with conflict and sensitive conversations

  • Tone, pace and the silent treatment

  • Body language, gestures, using your space

  • Presenting with the confidence to interact, engage and connect

You will do all of this at the same time as increasing your knowledge and network - making this a practical and constructive learning journey with plenty to celebrate along the way.