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Corinne Wilhelm (Coco)

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Freedom + Fluency
During the summer you will want to be out and about in the fresh air with friends and family, travelling, chilling and enjoying some time off, but what about your fluency in English?

Powerful + Personal
This programme is for people that want to learn on the go in bite sized chunks but regular commercial apps are not individual or interactive enough for you. If you seek motivation and personal language feedback and learning content that is exactly what you need right now to make a great impression, then this is flexible, affordable and fun.

Try it out and see how easy it can be to improve your fluency in English if you have the right coach through your phone.

Be inspired to speak in English through...

  • Conversation Topics

  • Vocabulary games

  • Pronunciation Power Ups (Tongue Twisters, jokes etc)

  • Talk Yourself Out of This Missions

  • Listening Exercises

  • Caption Challenges

  • How to Videos

  • Communication Tips

QUALITY: Your daily dose gives you direct access to me your British communication coach and Business English trainer with over 20 years of online & mobile learning experience.

NO COMPROMISE: All of the content is specifically based on your needs, it will be industry specific, suited to your language level and learning style.

FLEXIBLE: Cancel any time - just WhatsApp me and I will remove you immediately. Payable one month in advance. Simple.