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Kelly Lupo

6-Figure Business Coach | Helping you scale your online business to $10K months with high-ticket offers.

Cash Coach Academy: 12-Week Course & Group Coaching To Launch & Scale Your High-Ticket Signature Offer in 90 Days


$525/month x 3

or $1,575 once

Welcome to Cash Coach Academy!

Cash Coach Academy is our signature online course and mentorship designed to help entreprenuers, like you, create a successful online coaching business and launch your high-ticket offer in 90 days. Cash Coach Academy provides step-by-step guidance on how to build your profitable online coaching business from scratch, identify your niche, develop your irresistable offer, automate business systems, use marketing strategies and social media to attract your ideal client, and our proven launch protocol to have recurrent cash-collected months. Members get access to bi-weekly group coaching calls with our multiple six-figure coaching mentor and private Facebook community for questions and additional support. VIP members get (3) 1:1 monthly mentorship calls, social media audit, and bi-weekly group coaching calls with our multiple six-figure coaching mentor and private Facebook community for questions and additional support. This course is the perfect solution for individuals looking to start their own online coaching business, have a fulfilling career and create a life of freedom.

Breaking Down The Course - Here's What You'll Learn.

This course was designed to guide you through the process of bringing your dream coaching business to life from A to Z. Upon enrollment, you'll get instant access to the Cash Coach Academy online platform that houses educational video modules, handouts, private Facebook group for check-ins and bi-weekly group coaching calls for all your coaching business needs. This course is entirely self-paced and you get lifetime access to the modules, however it is designed for you to launch within 90 days if you follow our 4-Step Launch Formula and continue to scale your business after your launch.

Our Proven 4-Step Launch Formula:

  • Step 1 Development Phase - Put your pen to paper and make your ideal coaching business come to life during this business development phase. Here, you'll identify your ideal client, craft your irresistable offer, outline your online coaching course or program, price your offer, create your forms and legal documents, brand your business and more.

  • Step 2 Automation Phase - Here you'll set up your online course, as well as processes and systems to run your back end business on autopilot, including your sales funnels, website/landing pages, checkout page, payment processing, lead generation, email campaigns and more.

  • Step 3 Pre-Launch & Launch Phase - Here you'll develop your launch plan using our proven social media and marketing strategies to promote and create excitement around your high-ticket offer.

  • Step 4 Growth Phase - Here you'll learn how to continue to grow and scale your coaching business after your initial launch.

Who is this course for?

✔️If you are a coach, business owner, service professional and/or digital marketer looking to create and scale a successful online business.

✔️If you are not seeing significant sales or are current pivoting in your business.

✔️If you are selling products/services that you are not fully aligned with or not comfortable promoting.

✔️If you want a business model that provides freedom, flexibility, and sustainability for your career so you can live the life you always envisioned.

✔️If you have an idea or unique skill that you want to teach and need help turning it into a profitable business..

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Meet Kelly Lupo - From Doctor to Digital Marketer & Business Mentor

Kelly Lupo is the founder and host of Cash Coach Academy. Kelly is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and has built a successful health and wellness practice over the last 4 years. After having a fully booked schedule of 1:1 clients at the height of the pandemic, she experienced severe burnout that was impacting both her mental and physical health. She took a step back and searched for a solution to allow her to work less, yet provide quality care to her clients and continue to scale her business. That's when she found the world of online coaching and digital marketing. Since implementing the skills she learned utilizing digital products and services, such as online courses, mentorships, webinars, guides, and ebooks, she was able to automate her online business and bring in recurrent monthly passive income while spending more quality time with her family and friends. Kelly has a passion for business and teaching other entreprenuers high-income skills so they can create a life of abundance, freedom, and wealth.