Facial massage at home - Short Course

WELCOME 👋 I’m excited to take this journey with you! Facial massage has so many benefits for physical & psychological wellbeing - and it’s so easy to get started!

This course is perfect to maximise your salon facial results between appointments or if you can’t make it to the salon this is the next best thing! You don’t have to do a routine every day, but aim for 2-3x a week.

This short course includes routines to keep your face & skin looking youthful and clear, including :

  • 💆‍♀️ Daily lift massage routine

  • 💆‍♀️ Weekly drainage routine

  • 🤩 BONUS : Gua Sha routine

  • 🤩 BONUS 2: Anatomy lesson to support you in understanding the facial structure and improving your massage results.

  • 👉FREE: Face maps for each routine to save or print.

👱‍♀️About me: I’m Gillian , I’ve been a beauty therapist for almost 30 years and now I’m over 45 and people often ask me if I have Botox or fillers, but the truth is that face massage is my secret weapon! I aim to massage my face at least 3x a week whenever it’s convenient to include- realistically that’s usually once I’m in bed, but can also easily be done while taking a bath or when watching a film- I’ve also been known to do this to pass the time in traffic jams! 😆

Course Overview

    • Welcome & Prepare for massage
    • Before you start- Routine maps to guide you
    • Daily lift massage with me!
    • Daily lift routine map 🗒️
    • Lymphatic drainage massage with me!
    • Lymphatic drainage routine map 🗒️
    • Gua Sha massage routine with me!
    • Gua Sha routine map 🗒️
    • Systems overview : What does the face need to thrive?
    • More about face muscles
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Facial massage at home - Short Course