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Goddess Octavia Harris

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VIP Divine Business Blue Print Coaching Sessions (Business Plan or Campaign Creation)

3 Sessions x 2 hours

$200/month x 3

or $555 once

3 Meetings/ 2 hours total:

  1. 1st Meeting 90 Minutes

  2. 2nd Meeting 15 minutes

  3. 3rd Meeting 15 minutes

VIP Divine Business Blueprint Coaching Sessions - :

Unveil the divine narrative of your business venture with the VIP Divine Business Blueprint Coaching Sessions. This holistic journey is tailored to transcend the ordinary boundaries of entrepreneurship, guiding you toward a realm where business acumen meets soulful storytelling. Your business is more than a mere venture; it's a profound narrative awaiting to be told in its true essence. The offerings within this package are meticulously crafted to be your compass and companion on this entrepreneurial expedition.

What you'll receive:

  • Personalized Blueprint Creation: Together, we'll craft a comprehensive blueprint that encapsulates your brand's ethos, mission, and visionary goals. This blueprint will be your guiding star, aligning your business actions with your core values.

  • Strategic Brand Storytelling Guidance: Dive deep into the art and science of storytelling, sculpting a brand narrative that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting imprint.

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy Formulation: Uncover the marketing and sales strategies that feel authentic and effective, ensuring your message reaches the hearts of those you seek to serve.

  • Social Media Amplification Techniques: Discover the power of social media as a platform to amplify your message, engage with your audience, and build a community rooted in shared values and aspirations.

  • Operational Efficiency Advice: Streamline your operations with actionable insights to create a seamless workflow, allowing you more time to focus on what you love.

  • Two 15-Minute Follow-Up Sessions: Receive continued support and feedback through two 15-minute follow-up sessions to ensure the alignment and efficacy of the strategies implemented.

  • Access to Resourceful Online Modules: Delve into a rich repository of online modules packed with valuable insights, practical tools, and empowering exercises to support your ongoing journey.

  • Exclusive Access to a Vibrant Community: Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, a sacred space for collaboration, support, and collective growth.

  • Email Access for Continued Support: Reach out for support through email whenever questions or challenges arise, ensuring a smooth sailing on your entrepreneurial voyage.

The VIP Divine Business Blueprint Coaching Sessions is not merely a coaching program; it's an invitation to a transformative journey where each step is a stride towards embodying the divine essence of your business narrative. Witness the metamorphosis of your business venture as it evolves into a divine narrative, reverberating with the harmonious blend of prosperity, purpose, and profound impact.