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Goddess Octavia Harris

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Unleash Your Brand Story: Master Your Story & Market it to Build an Unshakable Online Foundation for a 6-Figure Business

3 Sessions x 1 hour, 30 minutes

$300/month x 4

or $1,111 once

Unleash Your Brand Story: Master Your Story & Market it to Build an Unshakable Online Foundation for a 6-Figure Business.

A change requires a plan, if you are ready to increase your income, change your mindset around money, and grow your idea, this package is for you!

What you'll get:

This option will take multiple sessions.
1. Initial appointment where you share MAIN #1 product, what problem it solves, and your story. (120 minutes)
2. I will take notes on your call
3. I will outline your brand within 14 days
4. You book a follow-up call within 14 days to show you the outline and make edits. (30 mins)
5. I will make edits in 7 days
6. You book a follow-up appointment within 7 days to finalize the outline. (30 mins)
7. Additional calls are $275 per hour.
8. Turnaround time is about 21 days in total.

9. 180 minutes of Mastermind sessions.

Unleash Your Brand Story: Master Your Story & Market it to Build an Unshakable Online Foundation for a 6-Figure Business - $1,111:

Transformation is at the heart of progress, and with the right plan, the transition from your current narrative to a thriving 6-figure business narrative is a journey filled with discovery, clarity, and growth. The 'Unleash Your Brand Story' package is meticulously designed to be the catalyst for this transformation, providing a structured, nurturing space to delve into the essence of your brand, refine your story, and strategize its market deployment.

Here's the pathway to unveiling your brand's potential:

  1. Initial Discovery Appointment (120 minutes): Begin with an in-depth session where you'll share the crux of your MAIN #1 product, the problem it addresses, and your unique story. This is the foundation upon which your brand's narrative will be built and refined.

  2. Note-Taking & Reflection: Post-session, a meticulous review and note-taking process will ensue to capture the essence of your brand’s narrative.

  3. Brand Outline Creation (14 days): Over the next two weeks, a comprehensive brand outline will be crafted, encapsulating the core narrative, market positioning, and strategic direction for your brand.

  4. Follow-up Review & Edit Session (30 minutes): Book a session to review the outline, provide feedback, and collaborate on edits to ensure the narrative is authentic and resonant.

  5. Edit Implementation (7 days): Over the next week, your feedback will be integrated, refining the brand outline to better align with your vision and market dynamics.

  6. Finalization Appointment: In a follow-up appointment, we'll finalize the brand outline, ensuring it's a true reflection of your brand’s essence and market proposition.

  7. Additional Consultation: Should you desire further refinement or guidance, additional consultation is available at $275 per hour, ensuring continued support on your brand narrative journey.

  8. 21-Day Total Turnaround: From discovery to finalization, the process is structured to unfold over 21 days, providing a thorough, reflective, and effective brand narrative development journey.

  9. 180-Minute Mastermind Sessions: Engage in enriching mastermind sessions to further hone your brand narrative, strategy, and market deployment plan.

This package is more than just a service; it's a pathway to unearthing and mastering the narrative that will form the bedrock of your brand's online presence and market resonance. It's about forging a narrative so compelling and authentic that your journey to a 6-figure business becomes a harmonious, natural progression. Your story has the power to not only create a robust online foundation but to resonate and inspire, forming a lasting bond with your audience. With 'Unleash Your Brand Story', embrace the narrative that’s authentically yours and ready to make a resonant impact in the entrepreneurial realm.