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Goddess Octavia Harris

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Quantum Human Design™ ( 15 min Reading)

1:1, Live Chart or Card Read


1. Quantum Human Design™ Chart Reading (15 min/Live $44.44)
Dive into a 10-minute focused analysis of your Quantum Human Design™ chart. This session illuminates your core conscious and unconscious numbers, revealing the major themes and challenges in your life. It's an insightful journey to greater self-awareness and understanding of your life purpose.

2. Quantum Human Design™ Four Card Reading (15 min/Live $44.44)
Combine the power of your Quantum Human Design™ chart with a four-card reading. This session explores challenges from your past, present, future, and recurring issues, integrating the insights from your chart to provide a comprehensive view of your life's major themes and challenges.

3. Quantum Alignment System™ EFT Tapping Session (15 min/Live $44.44)
Experience the transformative power of Quantum Alignment System™ EFT tapping. This session uses your Quantum Human Design™ chart as a guide to focus the EFT tapping on releasing energies that no longer serve your journey, helping you realign with your true purpose.

Why Embrace Our Quantum Readings?

• Personalized Depth: Each session is an intimate journey into your unique cosmic blueprint.

• Integrative Healing: We combine Quantum Human Design with the transformative power of Quantum Alignment System EFT.

• Empowerment and Clarity: Gain unparalleled insights into your life’s patterns and pivot points, empowering you to navigate with clarity and confidence.

• Guided by Mastery: Your journey is led by an expert, deeply versed in the intricacies of human design and the healing arts.

Ready to Release What Doesn’t Serve You?

Embark on this journey of self-discovery and energetic realignment. Secure your Quantum Human Design Reading and step into the flow of your true potential.