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What is PLR (Private Label Rights) & MRR (Master Resell Rights)?

  1. Private Label Rights (PLR):

    • Definition: Private Label Rights refer to a licensing agreement that allows the buyer to modify, rebrand, and sell a product as their own. Essentially, it provides the purchaser with the right to use the product and claim authorship or ownership without having to create the product from scratch.

    • Usage: With PLR, individuals or businesses can purchase articles, ebooks, software, or other digital products and then modify them to suit their needs. They can often use their own branding and sell the product without having to create it themselves.

  2. Master Resell Rights (MRR):

    • Definition: Master Resell Rights grant the buyer the permission to sell the product and, in some cases, the right to sell the resale rights to others. Unlike PLR, MRR typically doesn't allow for substantial modification of the product itself; it mainly involves selling the product as it is or with minimal changes.

    • Usage: With MRR, individuals or businesses can sell the product to end-users and, depending on the terms, may also sell the rights for others to resell the product. The scope of resale rights can vary, and it's important to adhere to the specific terms outlined in the licensing agreement.

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