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Herald Aho-Now

Practical Spiritual Advisor and Community Activist leading you to your divine mission

Human Design, Galactic Signature, Maps, & Apps Activation

4 Sessions x 45 minutes


Discover how your Human Design chart and the Galactic Calendar reveal your unique purpose and potential in this comprehensive course!

You will learn the fundamentals of Human Design, the cosmic cycles of the Galactic Calendar, the geographical influences of the solar eclipses and how all three of these modalities, when put together, reveal a story that connects you to the stars and our mother earth. We will give you the needed steps to best utilize two free apps, the Sincronario 13:20 app and the Neutrino Design app, which will help you navigate your personal and collective journey with ease and clarity. This course will empower you to align with your true self and connect with the larger story that unites us all. Don’t miss this opportunity to activate your Human Design, Galactic Calendar, Maps, and Apps!

In the meetings we will go over the following:

  1. Introduction to Human Design and your chart

  2. Introduction to Galactic Calendar and your Signature

  3. Integration of this information and steps on how to best use two free apps to see the connection between your holographic template and its correlation to the the harmonic template of the Galactic Calendar and geographical location connected to 3 solar eclipses.

I will need the following prior to our meeting.

  • DOB

  • Location born

  • Time born (if you don't know, list morning, noon, or night)