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Jenny Brackman, the Therapist Coach

Helping Clinicians move from Surviving to Thriving, because Helping doesn't have to Hurt

State-Dependent Self-Care plan, part 1 (part 2 is no charge)

Group Session — sold out - 1 hour, 30 minutes


Think of times you have driven through forests. Remember seeing the fire danger signs? As we are driving at 65 mph down the highway, a brief glance informs us of what is taking place in our environment and therefore, how we should adapt our behavior.

Many years ago when my PTSD symptoms were high and my young children were underfoot, my rush of emotion and words would overwhelm my husband when he returned home from work.

I wished I had a code word so he could prepare for how much help I would need. He felt overwhelmed and wanted concrete information from me - What do you need? That thoughtful question just made me feel worse! I recognized that when I was triggered, I no longer had the neocortical function to figure out what I needed. I could not remember what I did last time that helped. I wanted a different way.

I wanted to be able to tell those close to me what I needed, and know what I could do.

I also wanted an external resource to remind me how to get back to my best self.


  1. Learn to Identify how our physiological states differ in a variety of situations (advanced interoception)

  2. Learn to identify micro-shifts in our physiology before symptoms arise (advanced neuroception)

  3. Create a quick way to inform our close relationships how they can support us. (connection and support)

  4. Learn to pair our self-care with our physiological state (state-dependent self-care)

  5. Identifying what we look like and what we need in certain states (state-dependent self-care).

The color chart for self-care and self-regulation is the capstone of implementing theory into transformative action. It is the practical, personalized implementation of the Polyvagal system and the Yerkes Dodson Scale. It helps us understand why what regulates us one time might seem futile the next. Clients report being flustered and even ashamed that their attempts to feel better aren’t effective.

By the end of this workshop you will have a 3-page personalized self-care guide. No outside homework time work is required