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Kate Steiner

Yoga Teacher | Artist | Course Creator

Do you want to move your butt in a no frills yet mindful, fun and pain free way and still work up a sweat? Or maybe you want to bag yourself a unique T-Shirt or funky pair of leggings to look fly while you do it?

Hi! I'm Kate :) I’ve taught Yoga professionally for many years and have had the privilege of guiding a wide range of high level athletes, artists and political figures in their practices. I’ve also been an artist my entire life and have a masters degree in illustration so check out my offerings and see if something tickles your pickle 😊

Flow, meditate or get your art on! I’m here for it, whatever you choose!

Check out my Redbubble account for funky, cute and quirky illustrations to style up your yoga practice :)

Or my website for more wonderful artwork, Yoga courses, blog musings and Yoga portraiture -

Or Patreon for full classes at a bargain!

How I can help

I can give you -

  • Fun, friendly and dynamic classes that are tailored to your unique anatomy and body

    All levels of flexibility and fitness are welcome! I am highly qualified and can tailor each meeting to you!

  • Yin style classes to increase flexibility and your ability to 'look inside'

  • Meditations and tips to increase mindfulness in your everyday life

  • Tips and tricks to add to your everyday Yoga practice or fitness routine that will assist in keeping your body healthy and safe

  • Information on how to avoid straining your joints and muscles while you move

  • Techniques to add strength training to your practice

  • Exercises to combat things like ‘text neck’, tension headaches, rounded shoulderslower back pain and other forms of pain

  • Joint and muscle mobility drills and exercises

  • Simple routines that can be used as a stand-alone workout or added to your usual routine or yoga practice

  • The ability to recognise and bust myths around certain cues and reasons why we should throw them out!

  • How to tell if you have gone too far in some poses and what NOT to do!

  • How to avoid being bossed around in your practice and permission to say NO to forceful teachers!

  • Portraiture, funky illustrations and beautiful artwork to create a divine and luxurious environment for your fantastic self to practice in!