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Keith Corbin

Executive and Leadership Coach

  • 30 minutes meeting

    1:1 Session — 30 minutes


  • 45 minutes meeting

    1:1 Session — 45 minutes


  • 60 minutes meeting

    1:1 Session — 1 hour


  • About me

    As a coach, I focus on helping people become and excel as leaders. I agree with Jerry Colonna who wrote, “I believe that better humans make better leaders. I further believe that the process of learning to lead well can help us become better humans.” I believe that we can all be leaders by stepping fully into our roles and influencing those around you towards your vision. Through coaching, I help people on this journey towards better leadership and being a better human.

    I believe that being a better leader means being more present, more compassionate and having less ego. It is recognizing that you are part of a layered, open and dynamic system and that becoming aware of those systems will lead to greater growth.

    I am a professional leadership coach with more than 100 hours of experience and 80 hours of training with Peter Bregman and Presence-Based Coaching with a focus on emotional courage, presence, somatic practices, and adult development.

    I would love to work with you if:

    • You are willing to challenge yourself, be vulnerable and step outside of your comfort zone to grow.
    • You are committed to growing as a leader and as a person.
    • You are ready to take action.