The Art of Engagement Workshop

Keep an audience’s attention end-to-end — without feeling like you’re always winging it and hoping for the best.

Deep dive with me into ‘The Art of Audience Engagement’

Get this for 90 minutes training and I’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Grab and maintain attention (no need to be over-the-top energetic, dance, be the best musician, or be a lead singer.)

  • Establish connection and a good rapport with audiences...even if you’re an instrumentalist

  • Build a responsive audience for your shows without it feeling awkward or unnatural.

What's going to be covered?

  • The strategies I’ve used to get responses no matter the venue or performance type

  • Simple ways to break the ice and build rapport with an audience

  • My favorite methods for starting dance floors

  • The 3 best tools if the crowd is NOT budging.

  • My go-to process to liven up any and every performance

BONUS: a list of 9 things to say between songs to make it easy for you to connect (and fill dead space)

Course Overview

    • Workshop Replay
    • Bonus - 9 Engage Ideas for Talking Between Songs
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The Art of Engagement Workshop