Musician Marketing Tuneup

Supercharge your gigging career with tailored insights, actionable tips, a video recording, a summary, and a checklist crafted for musicians starting out or looking to amplify bookings.



feel how nice it is to not guess anymore! You'll get:

  • Video Recording

    A video recording with a detailed review your website and profiles with feedback - the good and suggestions.

  • Insights

    Insights on what clients find compelling and areas that may be causing roadblocks in their journey to understand their perspective.

  • Actionable Plan

    And, a written plan, giving you a tangible guide to follow for implementing suggested improvements. (I love a good checklist)

The Process

  • Step 1:

    Though this is not an appointment, the review will be recorded and sent to you. However, you will be prompted to schedule time so I can prepare.

  • Step 2:

    Complete the questionnaire and provide additional background information on your goals.

  • Step 3:

    Payment and agreements

  • Ta-da!! 🎉

    The video will arrive within 72 hours of the selected day.

Another set of eyes never hurts!

Especially from someone who has been doing this a while!

  • Marketing practices to increase views and inquiries.

  • Suggestions for aesthetics as well as copywriting tweaks.

  • A list of ideas for videos, videos, overall feel and how to increase quality without grieving your wallet.

  • Review of your overall sales process to make sure it is not a hassle or interrupting your entire day.


Kimberly Alana

Hey, it's me, Kimberly—a self-proclaimed party starter and stage presence enthusiast. My biggest wish is for musicians and creative entrepreneurs to live out their passions. So many roadblocks can get thrown our way because we musicians weren't taught much about running our own businesses.

Then, throw all the emotions that come along with that into the mix and all the ins and outs of entrepreneurship that take us by surprise. It's fun, but it can be really hard.

That's where I come in with an integrative approach. I talk practical business and/or I look at the entire picture of what's going on in an artist's life. Just because it's business doesn't mean it doesn't affect us personally. I believe we have the answers within us. We just need other people to help us get there.

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Musician Marketing Tuneup

1:1 Session — 1 hour