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Dr. Marcin Bela has taught over a thousand teachers, pianists, singers, composers and producers of all ages, levels and genres - in the classroom, in person and on the internet.  He is an author and a speaker, regularly partnering with the Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville on outreach programs for educators, professionals and enthusiasts.

He is the author of "Keys to Playing with Ease" - the foundations of a healthy musical practice, "How Music Works" - an exploration of the mechanisms governing the musical universe, and he coaches teachers and music studios on adapting to the rapidly changing world, including online instruction.

Dr. Bela holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the New England Conservatory and the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Michigan, and has served on the faculty of Middle Tennessee State and Belmont University.

How I Can Help

At Marcin Bela Education, we have a simple motto: "We want a world where more people make music". That's why we treat everyone - from a young child to a seasoned professional - with the same respect, seriousness and enthusiasm.