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Michelle Reeves
Certified Life Coach (AC) / Business Menor / Author / Podcaster / Public Speaker
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Hey there, I'm Michelle!

I'm here to help you ditch overwhelm, find clarity and start creating the business and life of your dreams with advise that's focused, not fluffy.

Ready to jump off the fast track to burn-out and realise your own potential?

You're in the right place. As a business mentor and life coach, my goal is to help you create success habits across your whole life, so you can pour your energy into helping your own clients. From free resources to online courses and mentoring, I’m less woo-woo and more how-to!

You have the potential to play HUGE in your business AND your life. To claim success on your own terms with clarity, confidence and courage and to enjoy every minute of it without apology. To draw your tribe to you and inspire THEM to soar. To step up and out and blow your own mind. I believe you absolutely have that potential.

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're ready. But something's been holding you back. There are hundreds of self-help books, courses and articles that can tell you how to make the changes you need to make, but you're still not making progress.

And until you know why that is, you'll stay 'busy' in your business when you should be stepping out to grow it (or start it), hold back from working on your personal growth and biggest, most audacious goals and continue to live a life out of balance that, let's be honest, just doesn't excite you.

I'll help you understand what's holding you back, figure out what your ideal future looks like and create a concrete plan of action so that you can make it a reality. I'm a certified life and business coach, yes, but I'll also be your personal cheerleader, motivating you to go beyond where you think you could be to where you truly can be, and your accountability partner, keeping you on track every step of the way.


Disclaimer: My coaching should never replace a consultation with a licensed mental health professional and doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

How I Can Help

I DON'T FEEL LIKE I'M REACHING MY POTENTIAL: overwhelmed and lacking confidence; need help with goal setting and action plans; lacking vision, direction and clarity; not living in integrity with your values; not excited to get up in the morning; easily distracted; reluctant, embarrassed or apologetic in sharing what you do.

I'M A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER: business coaching; mentoring and support; how to bring your offline business online; not raising your prices; not working with your ideal client (or knowing who they are); not being visible enough; doing ‘busy’ or ‘worthy’ work that isn’t profitable; feeling afraid to step into your power and showcase yourself; hiding behind your business.

I'M A COACH: the reality of running a coaching business - the systems, workflows, and tools you need to turn your passion for coaching into a viable business

I WANT TO START A PODCAST: how to turn your ideas into a fully formed podcast; the equipment you DO need (and all the things you don't); how I prepare, record and edit my episodes; podcast branding, artwork and voice-overs; how to streamline and automate your podcast and guest interview process; promoting your podcast.