Mum's the Boss Guide to Social Media Success

Rethink your social media strategy and make it authentically yours, so you can communicate with confidence and attract your ideal followers and customers/clients.

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This is not your ordinary “Post this on social media to succeed” guide. It goes back even before you have chosen your social channels, to get you confident and sure in your mission, your message, and your intended target before you even begin.

Suddenly social media becomes effortless and fun, as you are communicating with power, authenticity and engagement, on the channels you love to be on.

You can use this to guide to add that certain pzazz to your own business communications, and if you think your folks would enjoy it, you can also sell it as your own product.

This Guide contains

PROVEN social media growth + sales strategies

POWERFUL money-making mindset + energy practices

ESSENTIAL visibility tips + tricks to get you seen and grow your following.

CLEVER Workbooks, and ChatGPT prompts

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Do you feel like your social media posts are just disappearing into a black hole, with no one clicking your links or engaging with your content?... You NEED to get your hands on this guide and FINALLY turn your posts into profits!!

Discover How To...

Build an aligned business you love without burning out.

Grow a community of followers who trust you and buy from you.

Attract the right audience to your social media accounts.

Learn the tips, tricks, and hacks for creating and posting engaging content.

Make sales without feeling uncomfortable or pushy.

Overcome self-sabotage and turn your social media into a positive fun place to hang out and make money.

Okay, so what is this exactly?

This comprehensive guide is designed to give you proven strategies to grow your social media and sales or start a new side hustle. It serves as a ready-made digital product that can be sold as your very own! No more struggling to create products from scratch!

With the Master Resell Rights, you gain the freedom to resell this product as many times as you wish, keeping all the profits for yourself!

You have full permissions to change colours and graphics however the content inside must stay the same

But what sets this product apart is the ownership you acquire upon purchase. It becomes your valuable asset to incorporate into your business suite, allowing you to sell it as your own and reap 100% of the profits! Embrace this complete game-changer and pave your way to success!

Can I really sell the course as my own?

Yes you Can! With the bonus license, you can sell the guide as your own and keep all the profits. Simply add your name to the guide and it's ready.

Do you offer refunds

There are NO refunds due to this being a digital download. Please read over everything carefully before you purchase

Is this an affiliate program or MLM?

Nope, this is not an MLM - Not Affiliate Marketing - No Monthly Fees - No Ranks. Every time you sell this course you keep 100% of the Profits with your Master Resell Rights Certificate

Can I sell this course to others to resell?

Yes! For all my done-for-you courses you can give master resell rights to those who purchase for you. If you choose to sell this course with master resell rights you must charge a minimum of what you buy the course for  - ie. £9 (although you can charge more if you like).

Can I add this guide to my courses?

Yes you can add the guide to your programs or memberships. Although you can't pass on resell rights as a bonus.

How do I price this course?

Here are your options

1: If you give others resell rights you MUST charge a minimum of £9.

2: If you sell this guide just as a guide and NO resell rights I recommend upwards of £7.

3: lf you add extra content to the course, price the course at higher price point and in alignment with you (trust your gut here).

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Mum's the Boss Guide to Social Media Success