Manifest Your Match

Whether you’re looking to call in and/or reconnect with your soul mate, Twin Flame, a specific person, or a new love, this course guides you how to identify and remove any blocks associated with love and relationships so you can experience the most fulfilling relationship imaginable, no matter what your past circumstances have been in love!

In this course you will:

  • Identify and de-construct the belief systems that are creating unsuccessful outcomes in love;

  • Define an empowering belief system and practices to ensure success in love;

  • Design the love that you desire to experience step-by-step; and

  • Learn how to call this love into your experience as quickly as possible.

Course Overview

    • What You Need to Know
    • Beliefs About Love
    • Design Your Ideal Relationship
    • Tools and Techniques
    • Wrap-Up
    • A Morning with Your Specific Person - Guided Visualization
    • Bedtime with Your Specific Person - Guided Visualization
    • A Date with Your Specific Person - Guided Visualization
    • EFT Tapping to Manifest Your Specific Person
    • Combination Self Concept + Specific Person Guided Affirmations
    • Manifest Unconditional Love, Romance, and More - Guided Affirmations
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Manifest Your Match