Ngu's Astrology School- Full Three-Semester Immersion

Full Three-Semester Immersion

Master the Cosmos: Full Program Experience

Ready for a comprehensive astrological odyssey? Enroll in our Full Three-Semester Immersion at [Your Astrology School]. Over nine months, traverse the entire astrological landscape, unlocking the full potential of celestial wisdom.

Structured Learning Journey:

  • 3 Semesters, meticulously designed over 9 months.

  • Explore 10 immersive Modules covering the breadth of astrological knowledge.

Flexible Pricing Options:

  • Immerse yourself in all three semesters, starting at an unbeatable $1600.

  • Payment Plans Available

In-Depth Modules Cover:

  • Foundations: Lay the groundwork for astrological mastery.

  • Signs & Descriptions: Decode the language of the stars.

  • Houses: Explore the celestial abodes of influence.

  • Planets: Uncover the cosmic forces shaping destinies.

  • Nakshatras: Journey through the lunar mansions.

  • Placements, Aspects & Conjunctions: Connect the celestial dots in intricate patterns.

  • Planets & Ascendants: Understand the nuances of planetary alignments.

  • Yogas: Master the art of cosmic synergy.

  • Timing Techniques: Perfect your timing skills for precise astrological insights.

  • Planetary Transits: Navigate the celestial currents influencing life’s journey.

Embark on the ultimate astrological quest with our Full Three-Semester Immersion. The cosmos awaits your exploration!

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Ngu's Astrology School- Full Three-Semester Immersion

3 Semesters

$533.33/month x 3

or $1,500 once