Ngu's Astrology 1 Semester

Single Semester Enrollment

Unlock Cosmic Wisdom: One Semester at a Time

Dive into the mystique of astrology with our Single Semester Enrollment at Ngu's Astrology School Immerse yourself in a three-month journey through the celestial realms, exploring key aspects of astrological wisdom.

Structured Learning Journey:

  • 1 Semester, meticulously designed over 3 months.

  • Access to a curated set of modules, carefully selected for this semester's focus.

Flexible Pricing Options:

  • Embark on your astrological journey for just $600.

  • Payment Plans Available

Enroll today and let the stars illuminate your path in this focused exploration of the cosmos.

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Ngu's Astrology 1 Semester

Intro To Astrology Course

$225/month x 3

or $600 once