Gain clarity and guidance on what's blocking you in love and begin embodying your feminine magnetism so you can, right now, begin to effortlessly attract high-value men who want to love and spoil you.

Are you ready to embody your feminine magnetism and effortlessly manifest the love, attention, and adoration you've always craved? 🌹

With over 10 years of coaching experience and an innate gift of intuitive guidance, Irene is here to help you discover your divine potential to effortlessly attract whatever and whoever you want.

Using her channelling abilities, Irene gains profound insight into your journey, uncovering hidden blind spots to guide you in making profound changes. She’ll tap into your energy and provide guidance on any questions you have about your circumstances or relationships.

Whether you're feeling lost, disheartened in love, or exhausted from attracting the wrong kind of attention, Irene will help you embrace your feminine magnetism and attract the love, adoration, and attention you’ve always wanted.

This session is perfect if you're feeling:

🖤 Lost on your journey and want personalized one-on-one support
🖤 Stuck on a cycle of attracting men with hot and cold behaviour 
🖤 Burned out from always taking the lead and falling for f*ck boys who have no interest in pursuing a relationship with you 
🖤 Clueless on how to embody the kind of magnetism that high-value, masculine men can't resist

You are ready to:

🌹 Receive clarity on what's keeping you stuck on the same cycle
🌹 Get answers on your current relationships and circumstances with guidance on how to move forward
🌹 Embrace and embody your feminine magnetism
🌹 Cultivate a deeper connection with your higher self to surrender to the divine
🌹 Trust your intuitive wisdom to better navigate dating
🌹 Attract high value men who love to love you
🌹 Cultivate self-fulfillment and detachment, making you irresistible to men who deserve your time and attention

With Irene by your side, you will come home to your intuitive wisdom and natural state of femininity to become a magnetic goddess, effortlessly manifesting her dream relationship.

To ensure the most effective use of your session time, you'll receive a questionnaire to share your questions, goals, and current circumstances. Please note, ongoing support between calls is not included, but if desired, you can apply for a private coaching package with Irene.

Disclaimer: These sessions do not constitute medical advice. For health concerns, please consult a physician.



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1:1 Session — 1 hour