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Your Self Concept Expert 🤌🏼✨


4 Sessions x 1 hour



You’ve scrolled through HOURS of TikTok's and have saved HUNDREDS of videos on MANIFESTING YOUR SPECIFIC PERSON, DATING TIPS, and ANYTHING ELSE you can find to make your SPECIFIC PERSON OBSESSED with YOU!

You’ve probably decided that either;

A.) Manifestation is bull sh*t, or
B.) You’re cursed, hexed, or that something is seriously wrong with you

I’ve been there before, and let me tell you, that couldn't be FURTHER from the TRUTH!

You’re just getting in your own way babe— You just don’t know WHY or HOW.

This is where I come in

Between having over 10 years of experience in the coaching space as well as having the gift of sight; Intuitive guidance from Source, Spirit, Creator, whatever you want to call it—

I am no stranger to working with women as they REDISCOVER their identity as the woman who EFFORTLESSLY GETS WHATEVER AND WHOEVER SHE WANTS

I channel energy to gain insight on your current circumstances, and pinpoint exactly where you are going, in order to articulate your blind spots so you can POWERFULLY IMPLEMENT the necessary changes YOU NEED TO MAKE to become the TRUE version of you— the one who always gets EXACTLY SHE WANTS.

This membership is IDEAL if you want to:
• Receive intuitive insight on your love life (and your person)
• Weekly accountability and guidance on your divine path
• Become a baddie who always gets who and what she wants
• Boost your self concept to make your man obsessed with you
• Effortlessly detach from your SP so he is the one CHASING YOU

You’re ready to shift your mindset and uncover YOUR TRUE IDENTITY to FINALLY turn your story around, and CREATE YOUR IDEAL, DREAMY REALITY, for GOOD.

You will receive coaching to help move you from discouragement to empowerment, and guidance on steps you need to take moving forward to continue feeling the best you can so you EFFORTLESSLY MAGNETIZE THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS! ✨

What are you waiting for babe?


To effectively maximize your session time, you will receive a questionnaire where you will explain your current circumstances and areas in which you need the most support.

Please note these sessions do not include on going support in between calls.