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Pamala Brooks

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2-Hr Notary Class (Bundle)



Become a Master Notary with Real-World Training from Brooks Notary & Litigation Support

This class is hosted by Pam Brooks, a 10-year notary public who has been commissioned in both California and Nevada. This course will provide you with comprehensive notary training on the topics of:

  • How to become a Notary Public

  • How to complete a notary journal

  • How to complete a notary signing from start to finish

  • How to administer an oath

  • How to complete a notary certificate

  • and so much more!

    This class is designed for everyone – from beginners to

    experienced professionals. Pam will provide you with easy-to-understand tips, sample templates you can use in the field, and industry secrets that are applicable across all 50 states. You will get real-world examples that will equip you with the necessary skills you didn't learn in notary school.

    What's Included:

  • 1hr 50min Course

  • Free Notary Certificates (if you're not in Nevada, email me)

  • ABC's of Notarying e-Book

  • 1 Free Notary Gas & Mileage Log

  • 1 PDF copy of the presentation

  • 1 Certificate of Completion (if you opt to take our assessment after the class)

ABCs of Notarying.pdf
Certificate - Certified Copies (Nevada).pdf
Certificate - Jurat (Nevada).pdf
Certificate- Acknowledgement (Nevada).pdf
Mobile Notary Vehicle Mileage Log.pdf
Copy of General Notary Public Course.pdf