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Peter Burchfield

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  • Let's Figure Out Your BIGGEST CHALLENGE

  • Welcome! I’m Peter Burchfield, pioneer at heart. 15 years in, I’m committed to help Future-focused people like you navigate and create their next phase now. I’m a believer, married to Sarah Joy, and Here To Pioneer with you!

    LEARN MORE about my pioneer coaching below to go further, faster in life and leadership. ⬇️

    No matter where you are in your pioneering journey, you can find reliable Executive Leadership Preparedness coaching to get to the next level so you can go for the next phase!

    Pioneers, Welcome:

    • Executive Leaders

    • Entrepreneurs

    • Church Leaders

    • Those On A Pioneering Journey

    Executive Leadership Preparedness is the ability to live well as an executive leader while you prepare other leaders for the next phase now.

    • Executive Capacity - Skill-building into a leader of leaders

    • Leadership Community - Aligning your executive team + empowering teams

    • Pioneering Culture - Investing in Leadership Preparedness before you face leader shortages in your future

    • Disruptive Collaboration - Leveraging pioneering leaders in multiple fields to take on the Future of what you do

    There are many routes we can take, but they all fit into one pioneering journey!

    My pioneering approach to coaching guides you through 4 BIG phases...

    • 1️⃣ Pioneer The Year | Pioneering Your Leadership Journey

    • 2️⃣ Pioneer People | Pioneering Your Leadership Community

    • 3️⃣ Pioneer Movements | Pioneering Your Leadership Preparedness

    • 4️⃣ Pioneer Posse | Peter's Leadership Mastermind

    When you're 🔥 Future-focused, you know how to navigate + create the next phase now! Let's get you going! 🥾



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