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    • For just $167, you get access to ALL the coaching videos, downloadable resources, and leadership frameworks for the year!

    • Go on an easy-to-follow guided journey at your own pace, and come back for a growing leadership community experience.

    • With a simple path to move on in your life and leadership, you'll embrace the adventure of pioneering your future - without feeling lost!

Tired of Repeat Years?!

Pioneer The Year is self-paced digital course for Future-focused leaders that offers a reliable framework to turn repeat years into new frontiers.

Instead of stalling life transitions, you'll know exactly how to create a clear and active life plan that motivates you to grow in pioneering leadership.

What to expect:
Reclaim Your Time + Expand Territory!

- PTY "Basecamp" (Core Content)
- Part 1: Clear the Way (Go from cluttered to Future-focused!)
- Part 2: Get Going (Go from stuck to decisive action!)
- Part 3: Show Up Ready (Go from self-sabotaged to prepared!)
- Part 4: Go Further (Go from burned out to team-builder!)

- PTY Expansion Content (Drip Fashion)
- Masterclasses
- Bonuses
- Life-Planning Tools
- Leadership Frameworks
- Exclusive Opt-ins

Why enroll in Pioneer The Year?
This pioneering approach to life-planning and leadership is how I shifted my lifestyle from frustrated to Future-focused. Turn your 5-year dreams into a 1-year path.

Learn how self-leadership can empower you to make real, uncharted progress in every direction of your life in the same year!

Feeling lost in a Repeat Year cycle?

If your "1-year goals" have dragged on longer than you hoped for, you know how frustrating it is to lose your way in the Future Frontier.

Stuck in Life?

  • Cluttered Thinking

  • Procrastinating Growth

  • Sabotaging Yourself

  • Hit-or-Miss Progress

  • Less Confident Than Before

  • Overwhelm at Home

  • Lack of Discipline

  • FOMO

Stalling as a Leader?

  • Emotionally Drained

  • Slow Recovery Times

  • Unfulfilled at Work

  • Toxic Culture

  • Buried In Responsibility

  • Health Burnout

  • Gridlocked Leadership

  • Wasted Time (and Money)

  • LOMO (Low Motivation)

As a pioneering leader, you have big dreams and goals. But too often, those goals seem out of reach.

You may be overworking just to keep yourself going, but where things are actually going isn't what you hoped for...

It's better to hear this sooner than later: You're stuck in a cycle of "Repeat Years" where achieving your goals takes longer than expected, and needed transitions seem impossible.

You're wasting years of your valuable life wandering helplessly in unfamiliar territory.

Meanwhile, with no change in sight, you're settling for less, and the holding pattern you're in is draining your energy and passion.

But it doesn't have to be that way...


Imagine yourself going beyond Repeat Years into New Frontiers with a reliable framework that pioneers your life + leadership.

Pioneer The Year guides you through the unfamiliar terrain of your next phase with a reliable 4-part framework that pioneers real, uncharted progress in your life and leadership, so you can...

  • Clarify your future

  • Identify your focus

  • Simplify your work

  • Fortify your leadership

Find the way to your future-self faster!

Meet Your Coach: Peter Burchfield

  • Jesus-follower

  • Married to Sarah Joy

  • Executive Coach

  • Podcast Host

  • Course Creator

As an executive leader who has navigated uncharted progress in every direction of life (personal, family, work, and community), I know the challenges that pioneering leaders face when they dare to take on an unfamiliar future.

That's why I created an on-demand coaching course to prepare leaders like you to reclaim their time + expand territory.

With over 15 years of experience leading teams, launching brands, and coaching leaders, I've developed a unique approach called Leadership Preparedness that combines the best-practices needed to both navigate and create your next phase intentionally.

Don't settle for less in life. Join our community of pioneering leaders and start your transformational journey towards uncharted progress today.

See you in the course!

Here To Pioneer with you!
- Peter

See what other people are saying about Peter's coaching:

"Getting the 'best of the best'"

  • "Taking Peter's course feels like getting the 'best of the best,' in an applicable, understandable, and contagious way." - Chris N, Pastor


  • "I was blown away by how this course helps you focus on your roles, as opposed to just your goals. It's really a game-changer for how to practical be successful with multiple year plans." - Matthew H, Engineer

"Successful planning"

  • "I love the different tips and ways the course lays out how to be successful in your planning and dream for the future. It leaves room for creativity while still giving you steps to see that vision fulfilled." - Kelly H, Podcaster

"Equipped for the season ahead"

  • "Working with Peter was amazing. An experience I'll never forget and hope to continue into the future. Felt so equipped for the season ahead!" - Phil K, Music Artist

"Create and live out a balanced life"

  • "Peter brings a fresh, Christ-focused perspective of Pioneering to help with focus, growth, and goal setting/ attainment. I appreciate that he looks at every part of life to create and live out a balanced life. I look forward to working with him in the future." - Sean V, Urban Developer

"Whirlwind in a positive way"

  • "Whirlwind in a positive way... Not only does Peter do an amazing job in making recommendations for greater efficiency and effectiveness in my life, but he also has incredible God-given ideas!" - Stephen D, Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this course for?

  • If you want to reclaim your time + expand territory, this course will fast-track your leadership journey with valuable insights and strategies! Go for it!

How long does it take to finish?

  • You can sprint through the course in a day, or you can pace things out over a week. It's your choice!

  • However, think of this course as your basecamp to help you make uncharted progress all year!

  • You'll get access to on-going content throughout the year!

How long do I have access?

  • All year! (2024) This course is designed to be a guided journey from January through December. (You're welcome to join in at any point in the year, but course enrollment renews each year.)

Can I add personalized coaching?

  • Definitely! There is a growing leadership community here. You can join group coaching, called Pioneer People.

Is there a money back guarantee?

  • No. However, if something isn't working out for you, please reach out on this Pensight coaching platform, and we will help as best we can.

Course Overview

    • 01 | Welcome to basecamp
    • 02 | What pioneering looks like
    • 03 | A pioneering framework to go beyond frustrations
    • 04 | Part 1 - Clear The Way
    • 05 | Part 2 - Get Going
    • 06 | Part 3 - Show Up Ready
    • 07 | Part 4 - Go Further
    • 08 | Seeing the journey ahead
    • 09 | Life Compass
    • 10 | Writing
    • 11 | Time Mapping
    • 12 | Leadership
    • 13 | Tactics to go further, faster
    • Insights
    • Strategy 1
    • Strategy 2
    • Strategy 3
    • Strategy 4
    • Insights
    • Strategy 1
    • Strategy 2
    • Strategy #3
    • Strategy 4
    • Insights
    • Strategy 1
    • Strategy 2
    • Strategy 3
    • Strategy 4
    • Insights
    • Strategy 1
    • Strategy 2
    • Strategy 3
    • Strategy 4
    • What's your pioneering archetype? ⚠️
    • What is Pioneering Leadership?
      • Pioneer Planning Guide
      • Masterclass: Remember The Future (Replay)
      • 3 Kinds of Planning (And Which One You Need)
      • How To Get PRACTICAL With Your Future
      • How to FUTURE-PROOF your productivity
      • Do THIS to stop overthinking things (and missing due dates)
      • Executive Team Mapping (Training + Toolkit)
      • 01 | The Write Way (Intro)
      • 02 | The Write Way (Framework)
      • 03 | The Write Way (Workflow)
      • 01 | Self-Leadership
      • 02 | Communication
      • 03 | Time-Mapping
      • 04 | Vision
      • 05 | Leadership
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    🥾 Pioneer The Year [2024]