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Peter Burchfield

Navigating you through the complexity of life and leadership

[DISCOVERY SESSION] Executive Coaching for your Leadership Community

1:1 Session — 30 minutes


Stretched Thin as an Over-Extended Executive Leader?
It's Time to Pioneer a New Path.

Whether you lead a church, a service business, an online startup, or a long-standing non-profit, there comes a point when solo leadership isn't enough.

The crossroads of growth demand more than just decisions; they require transformation. PIONEER PEOPLE isn't just coaching – it's a executive journey tailored for leaders ready to embark on uncharted team territories.


  • Targeted Transitions: Navigate industry disruptions, leadership handovers, and pivotal shifts with confidence. Your legacy isn't just about where you've been, but where you're pioneering.

  • A Holistic Approach: It's more than the top executive. Whether it's your direct reports, assistants, or the broader team, everyone plays a part in pioneering success.

  • Leadership Preparedness: Learn how to bring high-capacity people into high-functional teams, so you're energized to pioneer with them!.

  • Signature Training Edge: Get exclusive trainings for executive assistants and support system to bolster your leadership foundation, ensuring seamless operations and communication.

Real Results, Real Progress

From church planters to entrepreneurs, I've collaborated with a large spectrum of leaders. The common thread? They're all pioneering in their unique fields of life. That's why I'm "Here To Pioneer with you!"

Your Gains from the PIONEER PEOPLE Journey:

  • Executive Alignment: Bridge gaps, unite visions, and foster a harmonious leadership environment.

  • Team Transformation: Shift from managing followers to leading a proactive, empowered team of pioneers.

  • Leadership Preparedness: Anticipate changes, set the pace, and lead the charge with foresight and agility.

The PIONEER PEOPLE Experience:

  1. Dedicated Online Sessions: Dive deep in focused 30-60 minute online discussions tailored to your leadership journey. For those who prefer a personal touch, in-person sessions can be arranged in some cases.

  2. A Commitment to Continuity: Pioneering isn't a sprint; it's a marathon. With ongoing monthly guidance, we ensure you're always on the right track.

  3. Personalized Pioneering: From solo ventures to sprawling enterprises, every coaching session is customized to your unique leadership phase and needs.

Is PIONEER PEOPLE Right for You?

I deeply invest in every client, choosing partnerships over numbers. I'm looking for leaders who are preparing to pioneer the next phase of what they do. If that resonates with you, I'd love to journey with you.

Your Next Move: Discover The Way Forward

Ready to transition from feeling stretched to leading a united front of pioneering leaders?

Take the next step by scheduling a Discovery Session with Peter. You'll discover if PIONEER PEOPLE is your path to a pioneering future, and walk-away with insights and strategies to move forward.


_What to Expect: You'll get an initial executive coaching session that offers immediate insights and strategies for yourself and leadership team context. Together, we'll see if monthly executive coaching is a good direction.

For lasting value, venture into a world where leadership isn't just about leading, but empowering others to lead._

BONUS: "Pioneer People" Team Assessment

Join now for an exclusive peek into the PIONEER PEOPLE Team Assessment. Gain valuable insights, understand each person's leadership dynamics, and carve your shared pioneering path.