Self-Education Mini Course (Pre-Modular Degree)

The Self-Edu mini course is made to be a foundation for the autodidactic endeavor of creating your own Modular Degree. This course will go over what an autodidact (self-learner) really is, how that applies to you, and how that all comes together in a Modegree.

Then we can talk about creating your own for your better future!

Course Overview

    • What is this course all about?
    • BONUS: Story about Habits
    • Self-Education at its Core
    • Self-Development Fundamentals
    • Self-Improvement Consistency
    • Traditional Degree Vs Modular Degree
    • Possible Accreditation
    • What to Tell Others
    • How the Mod Degree Will Help You
    • What Can You Do With a Mod Degree?
    • What is the Point?
    • Basic Outline
    • Interleaving and Repetition
    • Getting Started Wrap up
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Self-Education Mini Course (Pre-Modular Degree)