Piano Buying Fundamentals

Whether it's your first or a new addition to your collection, embarking on the process to purchase a piano may be as exciting as it is scary.

This series has been developed to provide you with the knowledge you need to confidently navigate this critical decision.

Too often, beginners opt for the cheapest option to "test the waters" or inherit instruments that don't quite encourage the joy of playing due to their condition, resulting in a waning interest as the piano falls out of tune or fails to fuction flawlessly.

Some people prefer digital keyboards because they are less expensive, but they miss out on the unrivaled touch and tone of a true acoustic piano.

In this 4 part series:

  • A look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying new versus used pianos

  • Strategies to avoid purchasing a substandard instrument

  • An in-depth examination of acoustic and digital pianos

  • Advice on which brands to believe and which to avoid

  • A description of the many piano and keyboard models

  • Advice on where to buy

  • Advice on choosing a piano or keyboard that fits your needs and budget

Course Overview

    • Why is Buying a Piano Difficult, and New or Used?
    • Acoustic and Digital Pianos
    • Grand Pianos and Where to Buy
    • How to Evaluate a Piano
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Piano Buying Fundamentals