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Finally finish the songs you love by learning how to (actually) read music and practice with a proven method:

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  2. Upon approval, we'll arrange a lesson time, and you will receive:

    • 2 Trial Lessons (Free, 45 min each, online):

      For you to experience and evaluate, no obligation to continue. Live video lessons held on Pensight.

  3. If you'd like to continue and learn long-term:

    • 1:1 Online Piano Coaching: (4 lessons monthly/45 min, online, $450)

      Specific focus on your long term goals, with emphasis on helping you become an independent learner (you can teach yourself). Music reading, playing by ear, improvisation, composition, music theory, fun songs...you get to focus on what you like and also get a 'music major', well-rounded music education.

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Piano Coaching Application