Couple's Integration

Couple's Therapy not really for you and your boo? Are you more interested in coming together in new ways? The psychedelic Renaissance is here, and more and more people are turning toward plant medicines and holistic modalities to strengthen their interpersonal relationships.

Our primary goal is to nurture and strengthen the love and connection you share. We provide a structured framework for you to deepen your emotional bond and celebrate your unique journey as a couple. We will work with tools and techniques to improve your communication, fostering a deeper understanding of each other's evolving perspectives.

Sessions usually include preparing for a medicine journey together, unpacking what could come up, setting intentions for your journey, and unpacking after your trip. By integrating your experiences together, you'll build resilience as a couple.

*Safe, Confidential, and Non-Judgmental Environment*

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Couple's Integration

4 Sessions x 1 hour, 15 minutes