Psychedelic Integration

The Psychedelic Renaissance is here!

Mushroom medicine has found it's way back into the mainstream narrative, and even into mainstream shops where chocolates and truffles are readily available. Microdosing has become another popular biohack.

Most people are missing the integrative piece, and research shows that the integrative aspect of psychedelics medicines is where the greatest lasting transformative changes can have a chance to truly take hold.

This package is designed to support and maximize the potential of your psychedelic experiences, promoting personal growth and transformation.

What We Offer

*1. Preparation Session:*

Before embarking on your psychedelic journey, it's crucial to prepare mind, body, and spirit. In this session, we will:

- Discuss your intentions and goals for the experience.

- Provide guidance on setting, mindset, and dosage.

- Equip you with coping strategies and techniques to manage challenges that may arise during your journey.

*2. First Integration Session:*

After your psychedelic experience, it's time to process and integrate the insights gained. In the first integration session, we will:

- Provide a safe and non-judgmental space to share your experiences.

- Help you explore the significance of your journey and its potential impact on your life.

- Offer tools and strategies to translate your revelations into positive, lasting change.

*3. Second Integration Session:*

Integration is an ongoing process, and the second session is designed to:

- Check in on your progress and any new insights.

- Fine-tune your integration plan based on your evolving needs.

- Ensure that the transformation sparked by your journey continues to benefit your life.

*4. Third Integration Session:*

- Lasting changes or habits that have stayed post journey.

- Help you "land" and unpack anything else that would like to be unpacked.

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Psychedelic Integration

4 Sessions x 1 hour

$50/2 weeks x 3

or $150 once