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Sherry Trentini

Helping you let go of what is holding you back-with love!

  • You know all that life stuff, hard stuff, all the heavy stuff –may not be right in front of your face, but you can feel the weight of it. And if part of you wants help in figuring out what to hold onto and what to let go…keep reading.

    I want you to know that I can say those words, because I feel those words, because I have lived those words.

    I’m no stranger to the heavy and hard stuff. A widow at 40 and a Mom of two girls who lost their Father (then 8 & 10). Then my own Dad died a few months later.

    Yup it was an exceptional year, to say the least. And did life stop sending BIG challenges my way?!?!

    Hell No!

    Was I determined to figure out all this hard and heavy stuff out by myself?

    Hell Yes!

    Yet, it wasn’t until I acknowledged that I needed to learn and get my own support on how to survive grief and loss, that led me to become a Grief Coach. Because there came a point that my DIY efforts weren’t enough for both me and my girls. It was a natural progression for me to add that to my Life Coaching toolkit. Then again when I recognized that I needed to go deeper and get support I did a deep dive into trauma, trauma responses and being trauma informed.

    Strong women do hard things; one of the hardest is asking for help for themselves.

    Facing my life’s hard stuff required me to open up to receiving help FIRST, then I could ask for the help I needed, rather than believing I had to keep figuring it out on my own.

    If that sounds familiar, I want you to know that if you want help you transform your life’s hard and heavy stuff safely.

    I see you, hear you and want to help.

    Coaching: You + Your Life Coaching: You + Your Grief

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