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Be Better Than Yesterday

TikTok Audit

Digital Product


In this audit I will review your content across your TikTok page and provide an analysis using the stop, start, continue model.

Stop, Start, Continue

  • Stop - Under the "Stop" category, I will outline the details in your content that are hindering your progress and consuming excessive time without contributing to your goals.

  • Start - Under the "Start" category, I will offer detailed recommendations on what you should start doing to increase your engagement on TikTok. This will be focused around your storytelling, editing, hooks, pay-offs and the value you are providing to your audience.

  • Continue - Under the "Continue" category I will highlight the things that you are currently executing effectively and should continue doing.

I will follow this up with a video of me further explaining each point.

Creator Inspiration

If you're familiar with my content, you're aware that drawing inspiration from other creators through research is a significant aspect of my content strategy.

As part of this audit I will identify ten creators within your niche that you should examine and derive inspiration from. I'll indicate each creator's specific strengths and what you should learn from their content. Using my research template, I'll present this information to you so that you can start analysing their content on your own.

Free 15min Consultation

If the above is of interest to you but you would feel more comfortable having a chat with me first, please reach out to me for a free 15min consultation.