INTERMEDIATE: Meditation Enhancement Course


Welcome to the online course on intermediate meditation!

In this course, we will explore the foundations of meditation and delve deeper into the practice, with a focus on developing awareness and presence.

Lesson 1: Preparing to Meditate

In this lesson, we will cover the key principles of meditation and how to prepare for a successful practice. We will discuss the optimal physical environment for meditation, how to find a comfortable posture, and ways to calm the mind and body in preparation for meditation.

Lesson 2: Awareness Theory: The Transcendental Journey

In this lesson, we will explore the concept of awareness and how it can be developed through meditation. We will discuss the different stages of awareness, from basic sensory awareness to transcendental consciousness, and how they can be accessed through regular practice.

Lesson 3: Practical Instruction ft. Guided Meditation

In this final lesson, we will provide practical instruction on meditation, where you will learn the 5-step meditation process. We will also guide you through a guided meditation session, helping you to develop your practice and achieve a deeper state of relaxation and awareness.

By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation in meditation and the tools to continue your practice on your own. You will have a deeper understanding of awareness and how it can be cultivated through meditation, and you will be able to confidently engage in a regular meditation practice.

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Course Overview

    • 1. Preparing to Meditate
    • 2. Awareness Theory: The Transcendental Journey
    • 3. Practical Instruction
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INTERMEDIATE: Meditation Enhancement Course