6-Week Meditation Training Course

Develop your own meditation practice and better serve your clients with meditation tools that go beyond mindfulness...

  • Improved ability to manage stress and emotional regulation

    Healthcare professionals who receive meditation training are better equipped to manage their own stress levels, which can improve their ability to support clients who are dealing with trauma.

  • Increased empathy and compassion

    Meditation can help healthcare professionals develop a deeper understanding of their clients' experiences, which can lead to increased empathy and compassion.

  • Better communication and relationship-building skills

    Meditation can help healthcare professionals communicate more effectively with their clients, which can improve the therapeutic relationship and lead to better outcomes.

  • Reduced burnout and turnover rates

    Healthcare professionals who regularly practice meditation may experience reduced burnout and turnover rates, as it can help them maintain a better work-life balance and manage the emotional demands of their work.

  • Improved overall well-being

    Meditation can lead to improved overall well-being, including better mental and physical health, which can help healthcare professionals better support their clients.

  • Greater ability to stay present in the moment

    Meditation can help healthcare professionals stay present in the moment and not get overwhelmed by the past or future concerns, this can allow them to better focus on their clients needs and provide appropriate care and support.


The 6 week meditation training equips you with all the necessary knowledge and techniques to independently develop and personalize your own meditation practice:

  • Week 1 - The Power of Breathing

    Get into the right mindset for a successful meditation session. You'll learn how to quiet your mind, let go of distractions, and focus on the present moment.

  • Week 2. The Inner Self

    Learn how to create a safe and peaceful inner sanctuary where you can escape from the stresses of daily life, and your inner demons.

  • Week 3 - Inner Healing

    Learn healing techniques to safely and effectively approach past traumas and create a positive future for positive life outcomes.

  • Week 4. The Transcendental Journey

    Learn meditation as a means to access deeper spiritual and heightened states of awareness, transcend limiting beliefs and unlock your full potential.

  • Week 5. Integrative Development

    Gain an understanding of the concept of Chakras and how they can be utilized as an alternative method for meditation, cleansing, and balancing one's life, ultimately leading to improved physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  • Week 6. How to Structure a Guided Meditation

    Enhance your meditation practice by creating your own guided meditations and honing your skills with a 45-minute guided meditation designed to promote inner peace and harmony.

+ Instructional Guided Meditations to help you practice!

Course Overview

    • The Power of Breathing (Lesson)
    • Harness control and regulate your body (Guided Meditation 5 min.)
    • The Inner Self (Lesson)
    • Entering and existing within the mind (Guided Meditation 10 min.)
    • Inner Healing (Lesson)
    • Creating a positive future (Guided Meditation 13 min.)
    • The Transcendental Journey (Lesson)
    • Transcendental Journey (Guided Meditation 20 Min)
    • Integrative Development (Lesson)
    • Chakra Cleanse (Guided Meditation 13 Min.)
    • How to structure a guided meditation (Lesson)
    • Test you skills! (Guided Meditation 45 Min.)
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6-Week Meditation Training Course