Coaching for Confidence - Professional Development Course

"Coaching for Confidence" is the latest release in The Psych Series for professionals that are already working with clients or are in leadership positions. If you have found yourself in a unique position where you may have recognized that your client or team member maybe is not progressing towards the set goal or is outwardly falling into self depreciation, keep reading.

As their "go-to" person, you may feel like you are in a bit of a bind because this is an uncomfortable zone for many adults. It may feel like you are crossing a line or its too emotional for you.

Well, this is what I have worked directly in front of for over 20 years. This course is designed to help put you and your client back on track, in your own lanes, and help you add tools that us therapists have had in our toolboxes since grad school!

We will uncover the nuances that you typically only learn through years of clinical experience. We will tackle the facial expressions, the undertones, the body language, the subtleties, and how to reframe sentences quickly. Who knows, you may even find a boost of your own confidence happen at the same time?

Over the course of 6-weeks, you will become part of a community of leaders initiating change. I will say, it does feel pretty good 👍

Course Overview

    • Course Outline
    • Section 1: Introduction to Self-Esteem and Confidence Concepts
    • Section 2: The Impacts of Low Self-Esteem
    • Section 3: Interactive Learning – Case Study Analysis
    • Module 1 Wrap-Up: Understanding Self-Esteem and Confidence in Coaching
    • Section 1: Signs and Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem
    • Section 2: Assessment Tools and Techniques
    • Section 3: Case Study Analysis
    • Section 4: Empathetic Listening and Inquiry
    • Module 2 Wrap-Up: Identifying Clients with Low Self-Esteem
    • Section 1: The Power of Language in Coaching
    • Section 2: Active Listening and Empathy Building
    • Section 3: Asking the Right Questions
    • Section 4: Handling Emotional Responses
    • Section 5: Homework
    • Section 6: Quiz
    • Module 3 Wrap-Up: Communication Strategies for Sensitive Coaching
    • Section 1: Understanding Resilience and Its Relation to Confidence
    • Section 2: Confidence-Building Techniques
    • Section 3: Implementing Goal Setting as a Tool for Confidence
    • Section 4: Case Studies on Resilience and Confidence
    • Section 5: Homework
    • Section 6: Quiz
    • Module 4 Wrap-Up: Building Resilience and Confidence in Clients
    • Section 1: Fundamentals of Behavioral Change
    • Section 2: Cognitive Restructuring Techniques
    • Section 3: Habit Formation and Goal Achievement
    • Section 4: Positive Reinforcement and Motivation
    • Section 5: Case Studies in Behavioral Change
    • Section 6: Homework
    • Section 7: Quiz
    • Module 5 Wrap-Up: Implementing Behavioral Change Techniques
    • Section 1: Tracking Progress in Coaching
    • Section 2: Recognizing and Celebrating Achievements
    • Section 3: Handling Setbacks and Building Resilience
    • Section 4: Motivational Techniques
    • Section 5: Case Studies in Progress Monitoring
    • Section 6: Homework
    • Section 7: Quiz
    • Module 6 Wrap-Up
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Coaching for Confidence - Professional Development Course


$300/week x 6

or $1,500 once